Amazing Experiences are possible for your next Vacation.. YOLO!

Looking for something different for your next vacation? Think  cooking lessons in the hills of Tuscany to snorkeling the waters off Belize, these types of trips should be on everyone’s travel list.

 Adventure travel can sound a bit scary for some and does have a bit of an image problem. People might only think of climbing mountains or diving into a deep dark underwater cavern. Sound frightening? Well OK, maybe not to some, but ask yourself what adventure travel means to you? My adventure of a lifetime was getting into a cage with the great white sharks in Gansbaii South Africa, but hey, some people are Crazy! Exploration can be as simple as meeting new people, trying their food and learning about their culture. And adventuring doesn't have to mean roughing it either.

Grab a canoe and paddle through the jungle in Costa Rica seeing wildlife, then make your way through little villages to get a look at how life is in less traveled areas. After all, even though the river keeps going doesn’t mean you can’t stop and meet new friends. Think a close encounter with lions, elephants, zebra, rhinos on an African Safari is out of your reach? Think again. It's possible to have a full safari experience without trekking miles or breaking the bank.

 While surrounded by olive trees, vineyards, and rolling farmland you can immerse yourself in Italian cuisine. Learn to craft bruschetta, gnocchi, and even tiramisu. A trip to Tuscany can include a cooking class with an expert in Tuscan cuisine. It may not sound quite as adventurous as skydiving but that handmade pasta you put in front of your guests at your next dinner party will be your "show and tell" for your adventure travel story.

River cruises have become extremely popular and there's a reason for that.  Europe's long, winding, history-drenched rivers aren't exactly a secret, but cruising in a small, intimate ship on an iconic European river like the Danube, the Seine, or the Rhine means you're making frequent stops at charming little towns. You've got a dream trip in the making, and Your adventure.

 There's never been a better time to find a route to your roots. Heritage travel is big business, with Ireland leading the way with more than 120,000 overseas visitors per year. A walk back into your family history could be the greatest adventure you could take.

Your perfect adventure may include finding ways to make the world a better place and you can by signing up for a volunteer vacation. Book a trip and make a difference by working with underprivileged children, teaching, or participating in a construction project. Examples of ongoing volunteer vacation opportunities include teaching arts and crafts to children in orphanages.

One thing in common with all Adventure Travel, whether it’s taking a tango lesson in Buenos Aires or a good old-fashioned adrenaline high, you will come home from Your adventure with an awesome story to tell………..YOLO (You Only Live Once)