No neighboring hotels, no passing ships, no crowds, just you and the excitement of experiencing a special kind of wilderness

 While attending the STAR Awards (Sandals Travel Agent Recognition Awards) in Nassau Bahamas some years back, I was invited to visit the beautiful destination of Fowl Cay resort. Fowl Cay is a 50 acre retreat located in the excluded chain of Exuma Bahamas. I was honored to have been invited by the Stewart family, owners of Sandals and Beaches Resorts, and excited to enjoy this amazing opportunity. I was expecting something great however I was still then unaware that it would turn out to be one of the most amazing travel experiences I would ever have. I waited expectingly to be shaken out of a dream as I approached the air strip in Nassau to board a 6 seat private plane owned by Mr. Gordon "Butch" Stewart, patriarch of the Stewart family. Our amazing pilot, a native of Barbados, alerted us to ready our cameras for, as he described, "one of the most scenic flights of your lives.” As we flew over the out islands of the Bahamas, you couldn't help but to get choked up over the beauty you were witnessing. Just how fortunate I was did not elude me.

 We landed at Staniel Cay airstrip and were escorted down a pier to our next chariot, a sleek and powerful speed boat. Sitting at the center of the beautiful Exuma chain made up of scattering little islands, deserted beaches, and sandbars was Fowl Cay Resort. It was a vacation destination deserving of the rare label "unique".  

Fowl Cay has six gorgeous villas to use as your home away from home in the Exumas. The one, two, and three-bedroom villas all have fully equipped kitchens that are stocked with breakfast, lunch, and snack items prior to your arrival (all included in the price). Each villa also boasts ocean views overlooking the breathtaking water below. The Stewart's purchased Fowl Cay in 2007 and have been sharing this special getaway with others ever since.

As if your private villa was not enough, your independent paradise is bolstered further with your very own personal motor boat for ocean fun and golf cart to get around the resort. Adventure out to find the perfect beach for a secluded picnic, don your mask and snorkel to explore the coral reefs, or set course for a tropical fishing expedition.

During my visit I was treated to an amazing lunch accompanied, of course, by a few island cocktails. The day was spent frolicking around the property, swimming in the crystal clear waters, and checking out all the villas. I even had time to spend with some of the family pets. My favorite dog breed? The lab! They love the water.

 Fowl Cay is one of the most extraordinary settings on the planet. You have to check this place out   Please enjoy my personal pictures as well. I will never forget when a girl like me got to go to Fowl Cay.

Special thank you to Mr. Stewart and the whole Stewart family.


Thank you Mr. Gordon "Butch" Stewart

Thank you Mr. Gordon "Butch" Stewart