The Affordability of a Destination Wedding has couples speeding off to the airport faster than you can say "I Do"

These days it is safe to say that just about every engaged couple entertains the idea of having a destination wedding , I mean, who doesn't get excited at the idea of going to a gorgeous and unique place to exchange vows? But at the same time, it can seem quite overwhelming. To help out with the great debate of “should we or shouldn't we?”  Here are some reasons that may help you make that big decision. 

Plan ahead -- far ahead -- for a destination wedding.

1. It really is an easy process to get married just about anywhere, especially the Caribbean and Mexico. Just knowing a few facts can shed some light and make it all seem less complicated. For most destinations it is required for you to arrive a few days earlier than your wedding date. So what right? by the time your wedding rolls around, you have already had some fun in the sun! 

2. You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.. Did you know that more than 2 million American couples get married every year, and less than 20 percent of them have destination weddings. This will sure differ from the same hometown locations that maybe your friends and family have chose before.

3.  Most resorts offer free wedding planners, whether the event is for two or 200, and an abundance of packages keeps things simple while still giving options to customize. 

4. Save on those decorations because with a destination wedding in a stunning setting, your location of choice supplies the theme. When you have a backdrop like the Caribbean Sea, it doesn't take much to dress it up.  With the natural beauty of your surroundings you'll be more than covered with a few simple flowers and other modest accents, which are usually included in your wedding package.

5.  Enjoy quality time with loved ones. The standard wedding lasts for five hours, a destination wedding spans a minimum of three days, this allows you to actually spend quality time with your loved ones!

6.  A Destination Wedding will require travel and a longer time commitment so this gives you the perfect excuse to cut down on an often unmanageable number of invitees. A popular thing to do is throw a post wedding party complete with plenty of photos when you get back home.

7. Your guests also get a vacation. Ultimately, you will all have a blast! Destination weddings give friends and family that most valuable commodity, downtime to kick back, connect and celebrate. And what’s more fun than that!

8.  Part of the joy of a destination wedding is showing off a place that has special meaning to you, maybe sharing where you took your first vacation as a couple or just simply going to a place you've always dreamed of visiting.

9. Flexible timing helps your budget, after all, what does the day of the week matter in paradise? Look at the seasons for where you want to travel and go during the "off" season. Many resorts drop their prices dramatically after their busy seasons.

10. Just arriving at your destination will put you in a relaxed mood as the pre-wedding festivities begin. You can start the honeymoon early. 

For a picture-perfect destination wedding, you'll need the perfect planner to help take care of all the details,, ,,

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