Hi! I am Kelly of Travel by Kelly and I want to thank you for your interest in my travel consultation. I am lucky enough to have been a part of this industry for 30 years but my passion for travel began even earlier when I first felt the thrill of experiencing somewhere new. I choose that word, “passion”, carefully because that is what my business is to me. Travel by Kelly is the culmination of my love for new adventures and my desire to deliver the highest quality travel experience to each and everyone of my clients. In a funny sort of way my business allows me to live vicariously through the travelers I book, and I look forward to the feeling of immense joy that I feel knowing that I was part of something unique and special for my clients.


Why book with Travel by Kelly?

My entire aim from the time I first sit down with a client until they come home is to ensure the best travel experience possible. There is a trend right now in travel for people to want to explore their vacation options online, and why should’t they? Planning for a trip is fun! I love to see my clients getting lost for hours in the excitement of an upcoming trip and then being able to use my knowledge and resources to make their vacation dreams a reality. When my clients work with me they know that they are getting someone who will add real value without adding cost.


What product knowledge do you bring to your clients?

Every business person has to have in depth knowledge of the products that they offer. Happily my products are my passion. Yes I can offer my clients knowledge that has come from countless hours study and research but more than that, I can offer them knowledge that comes from my own first hand experience. I genuinely love travel and as I add stamps to my passport I can add value to your vacation.


What advice would you offer travelers who haven’t previously used an agent?

I will sometimes find myself at a resort having good drinks and good conversation with newly made friends and, of course, when they find out that I am in the industry they want to pick my brain. I am always more than happy to talk travel and I often find that travelers aren’t capitalizing on tips and tricks that I know would add immense value to their vacation. There are a lot of nooks and crannies to this business and having an experienced and dedicated agent to navigate them can turn a good trip into an amazing vacation.